Lugano, Switzerland

Via Concordia 13A
6900 Lugano
Lugano, Switzerland

Sonnenstube is an off-space located in the southern part of Switzerland, in the italian speaking region. In 2019, we became itinerant, meaning we don’t have a determined exhibition space but we continue our program in a wide range of temporary venues. We also bought a caravan to use as a toolbox and living space on selected exhibitions.
At Supermarket Art Fair we are bringing our transformative and adaptive peculiarity with a project called “Hold Luggage Exhibition”. Our team brought a suitcase filled with small art pieces from different artists collected during an intensive studio visit tour. Artworks were selected for their artistic value but also following the size, weight and material limitations enforced by the suitcase and flight regulations.

CRASH TEST - 2020 - Lugano
APERICENA - 2021 - Bienne
UNE HISTOIRE D'AMOUR - 2020 - Geneva
DEEP END - 2020 - Arzo
BLIND DATE #2 - 2018 - Lugano
PLANET CARAVAN - 2021 - Lugano

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