Detroit Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Roslagsgatan 21
113 55 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Detroit Stockholm is an artist-run collective with studios and a gallery. Based in Stockholm, Sweden the initiative provides a platform for artists in various disciplines. From exhibitions and art happenings to nomadic performance art festivals and music, Detroit Stockholm holds studios for member artists and an exhibition and project space for invited and member artists.

It may be too late to stop ecological breakdown. Climate change and ecological degradation propelled by human activity drives society towards collapse. We are making the earth the grave of all we hold dear. The scenario that we had the knowledge to avert suffering and death but did not act upon that knowledge is a possible reality. How may we live with this? The exhibition attempts to begin the process of coping with this situation. Two strategies or strains of action are proposed. First, the fundamental experiences of the senses are called upon to reconnect ourselves to the earth through simple acts reminiscent of a child’s exploration of the world. Secondly, the loss and grief is approached by means of burial rites and religious artifacts. Throughout history death has been surrounded by rituals to honor the dead and handle the grief. The physical artworks in this exhibition are treatments of coming burials as we collectively head for death in the age of ecological crisis. By these fundamental aspects of life, the senses and the burial, the exhibition looks for common ground to face the future and begin the process of looking for hope on the far side of hopelessness. At Supermarket 2020 Detroit Stockholm is proud to present ”Gravitational Pull of the Earth”, a solo exhibition by Detroit member Henrik Green.

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