Detroit Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Roslagsgatan 21
11355 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Detroit Stockholm is an artist-run studio collective and gallery for artists from various disciplines. Founded more than a decade ago, it is today run by its 21 members. Diversity is one of our strongest attributes. Our core values have always been to provide affordable art spaces, with the gallery as a free platform to explore ideas.At Supermarket 2024 Detroit Stockholm presents Stockholm based artists Nick Sullivan and Linda Nurk in a collaborative installation based exhibition.Dreams are thought to be a defensive mechanism as the brain responds to darkness while sleeping, based on an evolutionary fear of the dark. The aim is to explore and visually represent a (bad) dream and wonder whether an artist’s inspiration could also be partly driven by fear.

Linda Nurk 'Skeleton Leaf' 2023
Linda Nurk 'Torso' Silk worms, silk, flowers, torso mould 2023
Nick Sullivan 'Moths & Bones' collage on paper, images Nick Sullivan/Linda Nurk 2024
Nick Sullivan 'Dreaming of Death' detail, mixed media 2024
Nick Sullivan 'Meat' screen print on paper 2023
Linda Nurk performance