Detroit Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden

Roslagsgatan 21
13350 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

For Supermarket 2019, Associate Gallery 'Detroit, Stockholm' is proud to showcase the work of artist and sculptor Zahra Zavareh (IRAN).
“We can never completely subdue anxiety of death, it is always there, lurking in some hidden ravine of the mind."- Irvin Yalom, the existential psychotherapist. “All we have is our individuality”, wrote Unamuno, “if we are something else we are nothing. You are here to realize yourself, to live. This thing called consciousness that is simply awareness of one’s own limitations. In other words, it is consciousness of death. Being aware of our mortality is to hunger for immortality. The whole thing is a contradiction.”
It is a struggle.
Across civilization myths have helped us to cope with moments of disruptive change supposedly directed by superior beings. Myths enable us to more easily make our choices in life. Note, though, that She will not touch upon the God-question or meaning of Life but rather look at the struggle. Humans are individuals moving through life. At one point we occupy this space, the next moment we are in the next. Constantly moving along trying to latch on to something. Parallel with this journey, (and in this installation) there are hotel rooms with residents following their own path. Our devices connect us, and through our devices we see other individuals move. What connections are real and tangible? What connections are fake and augmented?

Scene from installation