Demon's Mouth

Oslo, Norway

Formerly at: Københavngate 4
new space to be opened soon
0553 Oslo
Oslo, Norway

As an artist-run-space we do not have an official roster of artists however there are a number of artists we have worked with over the last three years that we would like to continue to show at events such as Supermarket. We would like to curate a group exhibition of five to seven artists depending on the size of our space, should we be chosen. Our short list includes: Catalina Niculescu, Romanian, video artist, works in Berlin. Sylvain Marchan, French, installation artist, works in NYC. Magnus Vatvedt, Norwegian, painter, works in Oslo. Jason Havneraas, English, photographer, works in Oslo. Kristine Dragland, Norwegian, multimedia, works in Oslo. Sebastian Hedevang, Danish, installation, works in Copenhagen. José Pedro Cavalhero, Portuguese, animator/video artist, works in Lisbon.

Exhibition 10 - Peter Alexander
Intermezo 3 - Eric D. Clark
Exhibition 2 - Catalina Niculescu
Intermezo 5 - Dragland & Booth
Intermezo 6 - Jade Boyd
Exhibition 6 - Jack Heard

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