De Zwarte Ruyter


Van der Takstraat 107
3071LK Rotterdam

De Zwarte Ruyter is an artist-run project space based in the geographical center of Rotterdam. Our foremost objective is not to act out as white cube, where one pins something to a wall, but instead question artists to put forward their uttermost effort in creating something new within the circumstantial possibilities.

For SUPERMARKET 2011 we will build up De Zwarte Ruyter - Souvenir Shop. Here you
will find an unlimited edition of all kinds of souvenirs.

In our DZR Souvenir Shop we will have a so called ‘kodak moment’ with a collection of
different drop backgrounds. You can choose one of those backgrounds and we will take a picture of you while standing in front of it. The backgrounds are made by and will represent the artists we worked with so far in a more serious and ironic way.

Participating Artists
Erik Alkema
Marijke Appelman
Tijs Bakker
Bonno van Doorn
Lisa Gliederpuppe
Annika Hauke
Heleen van der Hoogt
Daan den Houter
Geirmundur Klein
Olaf Mooij
Gyz la Rivière
Eric Roelen
Sandro Setola
Melle Smets
Judith Vogt
Hans Wilschut

"De Zwarte Ruyters", 2009, found image
Marijke Appelman: “Matière à réflexion 07”, postcard, 2008-2011
Hans Wilschut: “War tourist”, photo
Lisa Gliederpuppe: “Maison de Girafe”, photo, 2010
Annika Hauke: “Die Nussknackerbande”, 2010-2011
Eric Roelen: “Dipped in Rotterdam”, wood and rubber, 2011