De Service Garage

Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

De Service Garage, Stephensonstraat 16
1097 BB Amsterdam Amsterdam

De Service Garage is a cultural platform in Amsterdam initiated in 2007 by artists who want to create their own conditions in order to be less dependent. 
During three years, 2007 – 2010, De Service garage has managed an exhibition space of 475 m2, twelve studios’, one artist in residence and on top of that a thousand square meter rooftop. In the beginning of 2011 De Service Garage will move into a new building where there will be 8 studios, one exhibition space, a smaller project/expo space and possibly a residency studio.

De Service Garage organizes approximately eight projects a year; several projects are cooperation’s with other organizations and artist initiatives.
The residential artists are all individuals who recently graduated from several (post) academies, they are not a collective but a group of young artist that share ideas and stimulate each other. Together they realise the projects and exhibitions. One part of the program is the project ‘Expert meetings’; ‘Guest teachers', who work in different fields of the art world, are invited to visit the studios and have individual talks with the artists. The private meetings are closed but come in combination with talks and debates open to the public.

De Service Garage has become the new cultural platform in Amsterdam attracting approximately 300 people and more during openings and events. As a cultural platform and an active culture space we aim to further expand our view and approach the art world in an international manner.

Exhibition view, Supermarket Art Fair 2011, photo: Jens Wrange