DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+

Bonn, Germany

Mechenstrasse 25
53129 Bonn
Bonn, Germany


DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+ is an artist-run, off- and non-profit space, operating in the former German capital Bonn. The art space was initiated in October 2011 by the Swiss artist Sibylle Feucht.

We understand exhibiting art as an adventure and departure to the unknown, questioning conventions and perceptions. – We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. In a former print shop with a large green courtyard and 2 exhibition spaces, we present contemporary positions in art and regularly collaborate with curators, other exhibition
spaces and institutions worldwide. Fostering exchange between artists and visitors as well as between local, national and international artistic positions, is a major concern in our work. In addition to the artistic, formal aspects of Art, we always see and challenge the social and political dimensions of Art, their analysis and reflections. –DAS ESSZIMMER offers the physical and mental space for this discourse.

Participating artists:
> Gianin Conrad/SUI | https://www.gianinconrad.ch/; > Pat Treyer/SUI | https://www.pattreyer.ch/; > Anna Rudolf/SUI | https://www.annarudolf.com

Moving Mountains is the motto of the collaboration between Redaktion, Scala Trun and DAS ESSZIMMER for Supermarket 2023. Moving mountains refers to the act of doing something so difficult that it seems impossible, but despite all odds to keep going, making every possible effort to achieve spectacular results…or none. It refers to a mindset of dedication and persistence. – Something that might describe the live of artists and project spaces quiet well…

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