DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+

Bonn, Germany

Mechenstrasse 25
53129 Bonn
Bonn, Germany


DAS ESSZIMMER – space for art+ is an artist-run, off- and non-profit space, that was initiated in October 2011 by the Swiss artist Sibylle Feucht. We understand exhibiting art as an adventure and departure to the unknown, questioning conventions and perceptions. – We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. In an intimate setting we present cntemporary, international positions and regularly collaborate with curators and other exhibition spaces world wide. Fostering exchange between artists and visitors as well as between local, national and international artistic positions, is a major concern in our work. In addition to the artistic, formal aspects of Art, we always see and challenge the social and political dimensions of Art, their analysis and reflections. – DAS ESSZIMMER offers the physical and mental space for this discourse.

DAS ESSZIMMER brings 3 artist positions together that share theire questioning and reflecting on daily realities in different ways. A.Niko Pol, Jolijn van den Heuvel and Sibylle Feucht will transform the space into a poetic interior where world is re-constructed from found parts, forming a new whole from fragments and overseen elements. – No solid grounds, just fragments – the world as bricolage – broken as it always was.
Baroque like, fragile objects that seem as they haven been already broken many times by A. Niko Pol. New small and subtle ceramic wall objects by Jolijn van den Heuvel that have a natural origin but from plants or humans is not always clear and a transparent textile installation that structures the booth showing prints of trees and bushes at night.
A. Niko Pol/GER – www.instagram.com/alexandernikopol
His working method is collage. He uses well known symbols and elements that are or have been part of our
lives. The way he uses them shifts their meaning, their concept and finally their live.
Jolijn van den Heuvel/NL – jolijnvandenheuvel.com
She focuses in her multimedia practice to the often unnoticed details in the world around us. By
isolating and loading these moments and fragments with meaning and feeling.
Sibylle Feucht/GER – atworld.ch
Her work reflects on political, ecological and social issues that we all face by often focusing on the
small things, the private and intimate perspectives that contain the whole world.

Dark Matter/Slavutych #37 (2021), Sibylle Feucht
Dark Matter/Slavutych #17 (2021), Sibylle Feucht
Honesty/Ehrlichkeit, 2021, Jolijn van den Heuvel
Sunburst (honey locust), 2021, Jolijn van den Heuvel
Die Rückkehr der schönen Gärtnerin #01, A. Niko Pol
Die Rückkehr der schönen Gärtnerin #02, A. Niko Pol