Arnhem, Netherlands

Koningsweg 23 A
6816 TD Arnhem
Arnhem, Netherlands

CODE ROOD (Engl.: RED ALERT) is an art initiative of six artists based in Arnhem, that offers a dynamic program of experimental exhibitions. We act in a practical, intuitive and hospitable way. Our mission is to offer space to artists where they can focus on their art without any commercial expectations. Because we aim to make use of unconventional spaces, artists and audience are often confronted with unexpected relationships between art and its environment. Until summer 2017 CODE ROOD was based on the former military compound Buitenplaats Koningsweg in the north of Arnhem. In November 2017 we moved to a basement in the city centre. From here we explore the opportunities in creating space for art, in- and outside our hideout, the city of Arnhem and the Netherlands. Actual members of CODE ROOD: BiOP, Brieke Drost, Sibylle Eimermacher, Jeroen Glas, Mireille Tap and Bram Kuypers. Artists presented at Supermarket 2018: Ralph de Jongh, Gijs Verhoofstad, Brieke Drost, Jeroen Glas.

Frank & Michiel, ‘The Cameo Series’
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