Club Solo

Breda, Netherlands

Kloosterlaan 138
4811EE Breda
Breda, Netherlands

Club Solo is a startup, artist-run initiative. Our exhibition space is located in Breda, The Netherlands. Our main core is to provide solo exhibitions for artists in their mid-careers. Club Solo is having a partnership with the Van Abbemuseum (Eindhoven NL) and MuHKA (Antwerp BE). For 2015 we are planning four solo shows. Each show will be intervened by a curator from one of the participating museums, they will add a work from the museum collection in relation to the works of the solo artist. Club Solo wants to combine works from the museum collections with the more underground based activities of artist-run initiatives. For this external activity we choose not to bring a midcareer artist but instead present a talented younger colleague, The intervention of MuHKA is hard to predict. The piece it provides to the exhibition will be an outcome of the conversation between the artist and Jan de Vree, head collections of MuHKA. We like the uncertain aspect of this. Our curiosity to the response of MuHKA is serving as a motivation to our presentation. We are highly interested in presenting our ideas at Supermarket, for this gives us the first chance to show our exhibition concept abroad. We are looking for contacts with other artist-run initiatives because of our Hotel Solo program. This program invites other organizations to show their ideas and exhibitions at our venue in Breda. In other words: Club Solo joining Supermarket will contribute to a dynamic exchange of artistic activities.

For SUPERMARKET 2015 Club Solo has chosen to presented the talented and younger Dutch artist Joost Krijnen (1983, Breda). In his work daily notes, scribblings and sketches are transformed in works of compositional airiness and simplicity. Energetic, fluent gestures alternated with arbitrary first attempts depict narratives based upon personal motives. Where seriousness is masked by humour, the trivial can transform in something monumental and the other way around.
The work of Joost Krijnen will be shown in combination with a selected piece from het van Abbemuseum.
We are highly enthousiastic about presenting our ideas at SUPERMARKET, for this gives us the chance to show our exhibition concept outside our own region and meet other initiatives for collaboration or to participate to our Hotel Solo program. This program invites other organizations to show their ideas and exhibitions at our venue in Breda.

First solo exhibition, Antonietta Peeters, agust/sept. 2014
Guy Mees, Reaction from M HKA to the work of Antonietta Peeters
lecture from documantairy maker Marc Schmidt, 2014
Second solo exhibition, Wesley Meuris, nov/dec 2014
The overwhelmingly authentic artists, 2014, colored pencil, charcoal and soft pastel on paper, 101.5 x 125 cm, Joost Krijnen
Club Solo, Kloosterlaan 138, Breda (NL)
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