Malmö, Malmö, Sweden

Sorgenfrivägen 33A
214 35 Malmö

Since its founding in 2003, CirkulationsCentralen is an organisation for the production and presentation of contemporary art and culture located in Malmö, Sweden. The heart of CC is an artists' cooperative with 24 studios.

We also house a gallery where we have staged more than 100 exhibitions with artists and collectives from Sweden and abroad, and we have hosted seminars, screenings, concerts, and performances.

We have attended several art fairs in Sweden and Europe and are currently working to build and strengthen relationships with new groups, spaces, and initiatives. CC has participated in exchange programmes with artist-run galleries in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

We present


Drawings 27/8–22/10

Between August and October Disa Holgersson made one drawing each day.

The diary will be shown at Supermarket. Disa will also continue the diary at Supermarket and create entries together with the visitors.

Disa Holgersson, ink on paper, 2012, Photographer: Elias Björn
Marius Moldvear and Hedvig Biong, Wood, letters, books, paper ect, 2012, Photographer: Elias Björn
Miriam Ekeholt, paint on wall + handmade fanzine, 2012, Photographer: Lisa Wallin
Marius Moldvear and Hedvig Biong, wood, letters, books, paper ect, 2012, Photographer: Elias Björn
Jan Hakon Erichsen, lamps, paper ect, 2012, Photographer: Elias Björn
Östra Grevie Folkhögskola, paint on wall, uv-lamp, 2012, Photographer: Elias Björn
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