CFF – Centrum för fotografi

Stockholm, Sweden

CFF - Center of Photography presents five thematic suites
– a selection of fifteen Swedish contemporary photographers.

Time and Documentation
The image suite presents photographers driven by the desire to tell a story through emotions surrounding identification, new contexts and playfulness.
Photographers: Emilia Bergmark–Jiménez, Thobias Fäldt and Per Kristiansen.

The Constructed Scene Room
The theme focuses around people’s relationship to time and space, to visualise and orchestrate memories and moods, dreams and reality, but at times also a sedate, burlesque humour.
Photographers: Nygårds Karin Bengtsson, Susanna Hesselberg and Johan Willner.

Glimpse – contemporary portrait
The suite shows a documentation of an interactive audio-visual studio by the artist community Glimpse. The result is a string of images and expressions in the form of imaginative contemporary portraits.
Photographers: Malou Bergman, Alvaro Campo, Nadja Ekman and Mattias Larson.

Nature and Transience
These works raise questions about nature and transience through a seductive interpretation of Linnaeus' sexual system and a series of still lifes linked to food and consumption.
Photographers: Helene Schmitz and August Erikssons.

Own Universe - documentary and staged
Here we are confronted with constructed surrealistic visual worlds as well as documented everyday details inserted into new formations, but also with questions about identity, heredity and existence.
Photographers: Helena Blomqvist, Julia Peirone and Pernilla Zetterman.

Center for Photography (CFF) is a member and professional interest organization for photographers and photography. The organization is supported by the Swedish Arts Council and the City of Stockholm. CFF also pursues various collaborations, both nationally and internationally, with different actors in the field of photography.

This year CFF presents an exhibition of works by two of its member photographers, Ann-Sofi Rosenkvist, with a selection of photographs from the series Dearest and Robert Blombäck, with a selection of photographs from the series Sauna. Common to both series is that the photographers portray their families, with the point of departure in an existential reflection on life and generational changes. While approaching their work from somewhat different perspectives, by extension they share a fundamental tone.

From the series Sauna, photographer: Robert Blombäck
From the series Sauna, photographer: Robert Blombäck
From the series Dearest, photographer: Ann-Sofi Rosenkvist
From the series Dearest, photographer: Ann-Sofi Rosenkvist