Celsius Projects

Malmö, Sweden

Celsiusgatan 45
21214 Malmö
Malmö, Sweden


(This description to be finalised)
At Supermarket we present the artists who have their studios behind the walls of the Celsius Projects gallery and are part of the small community of studio collectives, such as ALTA VISTA and Sulfur, based in the old industrial area of Malmö. The ten artists Lena Bergendahl, Francis Patrick Brady, Christofer Degrér, Johan F. Karlsson, Simen Godtfredsen, Salka Hellbacka, Sigrid Holmwood, Richard Krantz, Max Ockborn and Samaneh Roghani will exhibit.
Celsius Projects is a Malmö-based exhibition space that supports the development, presentation and enactment of contemporary art in a performative, edifying, playful and critically engaging way. This includes exhibitions, talks, workshops as well as providing invitations and commissions for artists to be able to work together to curate and create art with an awareness of community, nature and publics. Celsius Projects is located in the Sorgenfri industrial area in Malmö, in a former mechanical calculator building and lies between Industrigatan and Celsiusgatan.
‘Us vs (the backdrop vs the backdrop)’ addresses the symbiotic relationship between the physical works on display and the content that the artist wishes to bring into the world. In this sense artworks act as a backdrop for a conversation or an experience. Who hosts who? Neither the backdrop nor the backdrop is more important than the backdrop; which is as much a stage as a backdrop.

Francis Patrick Brady. Installation view: The Fabled AFR Machine or How to Leave Reality IRL, Vermillion Sands, Copenhagen (2020)
Sigrid Holmwood. Installation view: Cannibal and Witch Eat the Rich, Celsius Projects (2021)
Lena Bergendahl. Installation view: An Image of What You See, Galleri Format, Malmö, 2021
Samaneh Roghani. For the Silenced / For the Forgotten For the Silenced – photo installation, analogue self-portraits printed on ceramic tiles coated with liquid emulsion; glass, water, ink 150 × 80 × 113 cm For the Forgotten – photo installation, analogue self-portraits printed on ceramic tiles coated with liquid emulsion; natural fiber ropes hanging at different heights in the whole room 2019 / 2020
Simen Godtfredsen. Installation view: Elbow Grease, Celsius Projects (2021)
Salka Hellbacka. Installation view: Välkommen, Celsius Projects (2021)