CCA Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia

51 Uznadze st.
0102 Tbilisi
Tbilisi, Georgia

Centre of Contemporary Art  - Tbilisi (CCAT) is an independent, nonprofit organisation. The main goal of CCA-Tbilisi is to support the development of contemporary art in Georgia and the Caucasus region. For a country with deeply rooted cultural traditions it is of crucial importance to have an independent and open institution, which will work on the contextualisation of contemporary visual culture and help Georgian and international artists to effectively present creative production to local and international audiences.

The centre is acting as a hub in Georgia, linking and working with similar organisations around the world. We also aim to stimulate research in contemporary visual culture in Georgia and abroad. Our main research project is focused on art that was repressed in Soviet times and due to censorship is largely forgotten. It is time for Georgia to start dealing with its troubled past and move on from there. CCA-Tbilisi intends to play important role in these processes.

The centre has four key activities: organising professional exhibitions of vital and innovative contemporary art work; educating motivated art students; conducting research of Georgian art; and creating exchange opportunities of artists and curators with different partner institutions worldwide. We intend to make CCA-Tbilisi a vital asset to the cultural life of Tbilisi. The initiators and invited teachers at CCA-Tbilisi have 12 years of experience of organising private art education. Wato Tsereteli, the director of CCA-Tbilisi, has proven his organisational skills, enthusiasm for art and persistence by setting up Tbilisi - first and only photography institute.

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