Stockholm, Sweden

Gotlandsgatan 76
11638 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Candyland’s dynamic programme is the result of each of the founding members being free to invite any artist without the consent of the group. United by their common interest in promoting a wide variety of contemporary art they have produced more than 150 exhibitions since 2004. For their exhibitions at Supermarket the Candylandians make collective decisions and this year they invite art students from the Multidisciplinary Art School at the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art in Ramat Gan, in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. They are part of the Arab Palestinian sector in Israel, a small sector that comprises 20 percent of the population. The group is made up of Muslims, Christians, and secular students. As minorities in Israel they raise different and important subjects including politics, religion, and feminism.

Hala Abu Kishek. Photo: Achikam Ben Josef.
Fawz Zreak. Photo: Achikam Ben Josef.
Hanan Zaid Alkilany. Photo: Achikam Ben Josef.
Reem Shreem. Photo: Achikam Ben Josef.
Ola Abu Watad. Photo: Achikam Ben Josef.
Fatima Zalan. Photo: Achikam Ben Josef.

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