Stockholm, Sweden

Gotlandsgatan 76
11638 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Candyland's dynamic programme is the result of each of the founding members being free to invite any artist without the consent of the group. United by their common interest in promoting a wide variety of contemporary art they have produced more than 150 exhibitions since 2004.

For their exhibitions at Supermarket the Candylandians make collective decisions and this year they invite Carlos No (PT) and Rikke Benborg (DK). Carlos No is a Portuguese artist whose work portrays critical concern in relation to disrespect for human rights, primarily in situations of unfairness, absence of freedom, exploitation, and abuse of power. He uses images, texts, and objects, in a continuous game of oppositional meanings where he analyses concepts such as power, justice, exclusion, and identity, by means of irony and as expositive weapons for his points of view. Rikke Benborg is a Danish artist working mostly with video art. She will show a video from her ongoing exhibition at Overgaden Institute of Contemporary Art Copenhagen.

Carlos No’s sculpture evokes the idea of a shanty town as a place unsuitable for habitation – a cluster of improvised and fragile dwellings, with no infrastructures or basic sanitation – as well as a place where people live in a kind of ‘forced intimacy’, in other words, with an absence of privacy.
Rikke Benborg, ‘Hysterics’, video still
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