Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Candyland, c/o Oweson
11637 Stockholm

Candyland is a non-profit art space run by ten people who take turns in inviting artists to exhibit. Candyland is located on Södermalm, the southern part of Stockholm, where most of the artists’ initiatives in Stockholm are located. Candyland was founded in February 2004.

This year Candyland proudly presents the Czech artist Jakub Nepraš, who lives and works in Prague, where he was born in 1981. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Nepraš collects video material from different sources and transforms and digitally alters them into moving collages, which are called “video paintings”. He also projects these “video paintings” onto sculptural structures to create “video sculptures”.

Alongside his own art, Jakub Nepraš is active in the artist-run art scene in Prague and is a resident artist at Trafačka, a centre for contemporary art and independent music housed in a large industrial space.

Jakub Nepras, “Meadow”, video sculpture
Jakub Nepras, “Fosilia”, video collage
Jakub Nepras, “Milestone”, video sculpture
Jakub Nepras, “Milestone”, video sculpture
Jakub Nepras, “Milestone”, video sculpture

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