Brodac Gallery

Sarajevo , Bosnia and Herzegovina

Brodac 4
71000 Sarajevo
Sarajevo , Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are present to support and introduce contemporary art to all, in order to serve society for the common good of everyone of us.“Gallery Brodac was established as an enthusiastic effort of several volunteers willing to fight against social-economic and political oppression and youth indifference. A group of young artist organized „working actions“ to clean and create space where they can exhibit and share space with their colleagues, since the government nor other were willing to take care about the rising art our young generation has to offer. Our primary mission is to promote and enhance contemporary art scene, in the country and abroad, which will be real contribution to positive changes in society. We are ready to improve the life-quality of our citizens by bringing up the most important thing for their personal and common growth: culture. Art is foremost a usefull and necessary tool in fighting illiteracy and the strongest advocate of people. An artist is a worker constantly representing all workers who work for living – earning fairly through the creation process – producing the product for good of all. By creating and giving opportunities for artists and audience to interract in an independent space, excluded from any unwanted political or social impact - surrounded only by quality art-works, we will improve both: the life-standard of citizens by being a conduit toward the public, so as continuing the process of de-marginalizing culture in order to make our contemporary art scene stronger and bigger – as it deserves to be. Death to the silence! Liberty to the people

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