geneva, Switzerland

avenue de france 17
1202 1202
geneva, Switzerland

BODY & SOUL at Supermarket, Stockholm
The Power of Painting. Together. We’re Body&Soul, with Dirk Meinzer, Gilles Rotzetter, Hadrien Dussoix and Peter Stoffel
Body&Soul will continue with its collective painting project, where all the artiste are doing the wallpainting and some collective poster or objects together; in the stockholm show there will be 44 Ikea Pillows painted by the artistes.
Painting in these days is super superficial, painting is chic, painting has his style. painting has lost his religion since long time. painting is organised like all media. painting loves the media of our time and copy all of it. painting this days is non-colorise, non-conformiste, painting has his own critique within itself. painting today is geometric, painting likes to print and is printed a lot itself. painting in this show will not be like this at all. painting in this exhibition will not be the contrary either.
The Wallpainting will be a more black and white approach then the last Hamburg project, with the Pillows in Red and Black ( or blue and yellow) and the rest colourful. Each artist brings some fresh and new work to stockholm for putting in this collective painting situation.

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