Blackbook Publications

Solna, Sweden

Ankdammsgatan 5F
17143 Solna
Solna, Sweden

Blackbook Publications is a collective of art photographers from Scandinavia who work with artists books and photography. Our focus is to make art as a printed matter that mainly results in limited editions of books that are directly linked to, or in dialogue with, the exhibited photograph.
Since its start in 2009 our artists and publications have been represented in numerous exhibitions and festivals around the world and received prizes and grants from institutions like the Hasselblad Foundation, Swedish design, the Swedish Art Grants Committee and The Swedish Authors Grants Committee.
During Supermarket 2017 Blackbook Publications will present a wide range of publications, both new and earlier ones that are now out of print, together with a small selection of art from different exhibitions.

Agnes Thor
Emanuel Cederqvist
Kalle Sanner
Lotta Törnroth
Rikard Laving
Simon Berg