BiteVilnius AiR

Rovaniemi, from 2019 BiteVilnius AiR is a nomadic space, Finland

Yakevayla 26, 12A
96300 Rovaniemi
Rovaniemi, from 2019 BiteVilnius AiR is a nomadic space, Finland

The artist-run initiative BiteVilnius AiR (from 2019-nomadic) has existed since 2013, with ongoing activity and is focused primarily on performative pedagogies and performance as method in education. During the last two years we have collaborated closely with Vilnius Academy of Arts and in the last three study semesters we have been regular contributors to the semester curriculum, with artist-run projects involving our residents and organizing independent courses for art academy students. BiteVilnius has worked with around one hundred fifty artists, on different points in their career, from emerging to career artists, from the Nordic and Baltic region and beyond.

The ongoing performative intervention “Techno-diving into the liveness of the unbodied performed body of memory”, within the exhibition booth at Supermarket Art Fair 2021, reveals a multisensory perspective on remediated EEG (electroencephalogram) data and its impact on performative communication/immersive storytelling through performed memory. The exhibition takes its entrance through the collected data of the past events and into the present performative intervention. The goal of the performative intervention is to unfold the possibilities of improvisational durational multichannel experience, such as sound, images, and live action and objects, through a remediation of the research data that is brought back to one of the sites of its collection—the Supermarket Art Fair. This format questions and tests the ways such intervention can take place in the environment of an art fair. The data, the performer, and the audience are intertwined with the site of performative intervention within the exhibition booth. The performative intervention features documentary audiovisual recordings, remediated EEG data, narration, and performative actions, all within a holistic aesthetic experience—a new artwork that contains the layers of the past artworks and probably will become yet one more layer in the future.

Marija Griniuk "Techno-voyeurism into a (performing) body."2-images of performance documentation using EEG
Marija Griniuk "Techno-voyeurism into a (performing) body."1
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