BiteVilnius AiR

Džiugai/Copenhagen, Lithuania/Denmark

Džiugai 6
29240 Anykščiai region
Džiugai/Copenhagen, Lithuania/Denmark

Plan for the project to be Presented at Supermarket Art Fair:
We believe that archival material or documentation speaks and gives meaning only by being activated. Therefore we want to create a performative archive of BiteVilnius by uncovering what we have done through the last five years and what had inspired us to start and go on. We want to create a space where the visitor would become the explorer, for as brief or as long a time as they would wish to interact. The space will be built upon our concept of Mark-Making. Our idea is to create a meta-journey in time and location and relocate the visitor into the role of the archive-worker. If the visitor wants to interact, they can go through the collection of sounds, moving and still images from the five years of life of BiteVilnius, which is all about meetings and about the artists who have been there. Very likely that large part of our collaborators will be visiting, or will be participants of Supermarket, as our frameworks had through all the time been focused on Baltic and Scandinavian region.

Residency 2018, Anna Ziarnewicz
Marija Griniuk, "Speaking Artist-Run", 2018
Džiugai Open Air Symposium 2018