Ghent, Belgium

Leiepark 19
9051 Ghent
Ghent, Belgium

For this occasion Anyuta invited Anna Burvenich, a visual artist and friend to collaborate with. Anna, creates installations in which her artworks are mostly continuously evolving, reflecting and unfolding aspects of daily human life processes.
Anyuta presents a new work: “A collage made of pink paper pieces whereupon the artist has written down all the memories she has about her past in a foredoomed attempt to create the most exhaustive self-portrait, with added passport photographs, hair, pregnancy- and covid-tests”. Memories, carefully written down in small handwriting in a hopeful attempt to perform something impossible, — describe her whole life course and thus make an exhaustive self-portrait, — torn apart and reassembled in a collage . In front of this work, Anna brings a performance during the whole time of the Artfair: "Badbloemblaadjes – Badeblüten – Bath Flower Petals – Pétales De Bain": 300 bath flowers are cut with the utmost caring attention for every piece.
How do you weigh the weight of a life? How can you make it lighter and transportable? Can we liberate ourselves from our past, as we can liberate bath flowers from their foreseen purpose? Can we make our life lighter or does the weight stay the same?
A soft place reveals itself over days: a bed of bath flower petals, slowly developing into a message of hope for a freeing change, a quest for respect, a plea for validation. Everything weighs, everything counts.

the most accurate self-portrait, 3
the most accurate self-portrait, 2
the most accurate self-portrait, 1
Anna Burvenich