Best Before Collective

Stockholm, Sweden

12636 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Best Before Collective is a newly formed artist-run initiative based in Stockholm. We are a diverse group of artists, curators, art enthusiasts and other kinds of creators, with different backgrounds and knowledge. We want to use this wide range of abilities and learn from each other as we produce exhibitions and other arts activities together, with the aspiration to highlight art and artists that might not be shown in established galleries or institutions.

Best Before Collective has invited Hilma Nordén to exhibit at Supermarket 2022. Nordéns practice explores cultural creations of nature, folklore and magic. She grew up in plantation forests and feels a kinship with the trees of her childhood, who raised her yet silently disappear under the teeth of chainsaws. Nordén’s work acknowledges the forest beyond its timber, and investigates the constructed hierarchies and hybridities between human and nature.