Best Before Collective

Stockholm, Sweden

12636 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

Best Before Collective is a Stockholm-based artist run initiative including 10 international artists. The group came together during the Konstfack course “Artist-Run: Practise and Theory” that is run by Artist Run Network Europe (ARNE). We all share the passion for artist-run collaborations and our interest lies in experimental practices and the culture of the impermanent. Our aim is to build connections and create a network through different art scenes in the Nordic community to discuss temporality, support and celebrate short-termed collaborations as well as highlight art practices that deal with the transient nature of life. During our first activity taking place at Supermarket 2021 – Stockholm Independent Art Fair, in the form of an exhibition and an open public discussion, we intend to reach out to potential partners, galleries and art professionals.

Not everything will last forever, and there is something beautiful in what is only living in the present moment. The here and now. Materials will wither and fall apart, opportunities come and go, groups will form and disintegrate. But matter does not seize to exist, instead it transforms into something different, leaving trails and new possibilities. Best Before Collective wants to highlight art that deals with temporality, that focuses on the here and now but is aware of what art leaves to the future.

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