Paris, France

20 rue Saint-Louis en l'Ile
75004 Paris
Paris, France


Nestled in the heart of Old Paris, on rue Saint-Louis-en-l'Île and founded in 2017, by Yasmine Azzi, AYN GALLERY was born out of the desire to bring together in one place contemporary artists from the MENA region, Africa with a focus on the work of emerging and established Algerian artists and its diaspora, while keeping a spirit of international openness on emerging artists from diverse geographical, cultural and aesthetic backgrounds. The gallery aims to offer them international visibility through exhibitions, art fairs and collaborations with cultural institutions. Some of its artists have been included in a number of major exhibitions, permanent collections and important private and public collections.

AYN GALLERY was created in 2017, located in the heart of Paris. The gallery brings a sharp look at design and contemporary art through multidisciplinary exhibitions of European and foreign artists, emerging or confirmed. Design and contemporary art are brought together in the same space as complementary fields where a common dialogue, an aesthetic and a questioning through the works are established and experimented. In Supermarket 2022, the Ayn gallery presents three artists, the Algerian Amina Zoubir, the German Ines Hildur and the French Marielle Guegan. Amina Zoubir's work focuses on the representation and appropriation of the female body in photographs from North Africa influenced by colonisation and ethnography. She deconstructs the images that convey bodies affected by this colonial appropriation. Ines Hildur deals with the search for the beauty behind things and the search for her own self. Becoming and disappearing are the dominant themes in her multifaceted works. The artist creates unsuspected worlds from different materials, creating lines that are either imprisoned in forms or freely flood the pictorial space. The work of Marielle Guégan, painter and engraver, is based on the revelation of colour with its different impacts on organic forms. Her work is oriented towards abstraction, which opens up the recurring themes of energy and time, between brilliance and mattness, the strength of reliefs and flat areas, these pictorial rhymes are expressed in space.

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