Gatineau, Canada

80, rue Hanson
J8Y3M5 Gatineau
Gatineau, Canada

Founded in 1983, AXENÉO7 is an artist-run centre dedicated to advocating, promoting and exhibiting the visual arts, while developing critical discourse around them. It is a gathering place for sharing and experimentation. Through a critically engaged program, it endeavours to expand the parameters of artistic practice and its presentation, and to improve artists’ conditions for production. AXENEO7 has three exhibition spaces, a residency and a workshop. The programming is established by art professionals, who conceive of the exhibition projects and select the exhibiting artists. The programming also includes artist talks, seminars and the production of publications. AXENEO7 chooses to be a bridge between different generations of artists, mingling established practices with newer ones. The community surrounding the center is mostly composed of visual artists and new media artists, as well as art historians, writers and teachers.

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