Atlantic House

Cape town, South Africa

1 Perth Rd, Maitland (Main studio at Atlantic House)
7404 Cape Town
Cape town, South Africa

Atlantic House is an artist-run studio and ad-hoc gallery funded entirely by the artists resident in it. Eight artists have private studios and share a large communal workshop, kitchen and exhibition hall.  The space functions principally as a studio, but routinely hosts workshops, discussion programmes, screenings and exhibitions. Atlantic aims to provide infrastructure for the individual artist and the community to which s/he contributes. To this end, Atlantic experiments with its architecture - both physical and institutional - so that it is dynamic and adaptable to needs of the individual and the group.

For Supermarket, Kyle Morland, Jared Ginsburg and Josh Ginsburg present a new project called The Collectors. The Collectors is an investigation of the informal industry of waste collection on the streets of Cape Town, South Africa. Though interviews, participation and images, the trio negotiate the material discharge of the city, the men and woman who collect the scrap as a livelihood and wonder after the pathology of collecting more generally - be it objects, knowledge, experience or artworks.

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