Ateljén Hea

Sunne, Sweden

Höglundagatan 60
68634 Sunne
Sunne, Sweden

Ateljén Hea has been an exhibition project for five years. The exhibition idea is a consequence of the informal meetings that take place between artists: discussions where interpretation, and the different functions and possibilities of the artistic language, are constantly at work. Though their techniques are different, what the artists have in common is that they are trying to convey impressions and experiences of unusual subjects and fields, in order to be open for new thoughts and reflections. The exhibitions have been held in connection with the Sunne Cultural Festival each summer. The number of exhibitors has varied from year to year, and different concepts have been tested for four years.     Paula von Seth shows new and old works. She presents the performance ‘LOVE TAXI’, a moving sculpture on wheels for people in romantic relationships. With von Seth at the wheel and as DJ, participants can choose from four different routes: romantic, hardcore, unexpected environments and commons. The performance moves through the urban landscape, through buffer zones and gaps, togetherness, love, and strategies for crossing personal territories. Here we are invited to look upon cultural beliefs about intimacy in public space, and the loving and unloving city. A starting point is the artist’s participation in several projects in Cape Town. Thomas Magnusson shows the work ‘Horizons’, a series of paintings with notions of horizons’ boundaries and furtherance as a base. Sten Sandell is an improvisation musician, composer and researcher. In 2013 he defended his thesis at the School of Music and Drama, University of Gothenburg, with the thesis ‘On The Inside Of Silence’ in which he explored questions like: what happens in the room when we play together? What happens to us as individuals when we relate to a text in the room while we play? The research method is highly integrated in the way Sandell moves between music, image and text.

Sten Sandell, musiker, kompositör och forskare
"LOVE TAXI" Paula von Seth
"Horisonter" Thomas Magnusson
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