Asociacija „Šaltmiros gyvenimo mokykla"

Griškabūdis, Lithuania

Jablonskio 3
71293 Griškabūdis
Šakių rajonas
Griškabūdis, Lithuania

“The chimeras of nanotechnologies: the end of sci-fi genre” (2021)series of canvases projecting the visions of the inner worlds of the future, imagining how the development of technologies might affect the biological and chemical structures of human organisms resulting into fantastic colorful micro universes. The series of small sized canvases are referring to nanotechnologies, raising questions about the future development of nanomedicine, science and it’s interaction with the organic structures, as well as ethical and moral choices.
This project was funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture, a four months scholarship in the area of interdisciplinary arts.

Local newspaper article about our nonprofit.
"The school of life". Free art classes for kids in Griškabūdis, Lithuania
Aglaja Ray. "Chimeras of Nanotechnologies: the end of sci-fi genre" canvas series. No.5

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