Hägersten, Stockholm, Sweden

Kransbindarvägen 33 Lgh 1102
12636 Hägersten
Hägersten, Stockholm, Sweden


C-print started as a non-commercial initiative with the objective to popularize contemporary art and highlight a diversity in artistic expression. Initially our project assumed the shape of an online journal, extended with a strong presence on social media where focus has been on a content-driven and curatorial approach. C-print has since evolved into a mobile and nomadic platform bringing forth our own curatorial ventures in collaboration with artists and other parties.

C-print's curated presentation at Supermarket 2021 sees the title 'Psykets estetik' (The Aesthetics of the psyche) and invites three young emerging talents to take part; Ebba Alling, Wilma Harju and Iris Hautaniemi. All three stem from an artistic background other than a Fine Arts discipline/program. A focus on the state of the individual’s own psyche is one that we together take an interest in and perceive as particularly timely, considering the many collective traumas of quotidian society.

Iris Hautaniemi
Iris Hautaniemi
Wilma Harju
Ebba Alling
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