London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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n/a London
London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

ArtCan curator and artist Pernilla Iggstrom together with artists Jane Pryor, Judith Burrows, Melanie Jordan, Gabriella Kardos, Molly Lambourn, Todd A. Stuart, Hannah Campion, Teja Tegelj, Doris Ernst, Patricia Bidi, Katie Hallam, KV Duong, Lesley Oldaker and Rachel Maggart will present a multi-disciplinary space interpreting the theme “Holy Fluff”.

The ArtCan immersive experience will invite visitors to pause in front of a ‘texture wall’ of artworks and to capture their own images through a series of mirrors. The mirrors will celebrate the act of looking and offer an opportunity for reflection, fun and exploration as the viewer is incorporated into the overall scheme. This experience will be presented through painting, textile, installation, video projection and sound, as well as a linoprint workshop and daily performances.

Molly Lambourn, In Flowers II, Pen on Acrylic Mirror, Ø45cm
Jane Pryor, Blue Shelf Pink Painting, Acrylic on wood,30x21x5cm
Judith Burrows_Chaos in Paradise X, steel wall panels, triptychs total 63 x50cms
Doris Ernst, Interconnected, 20x20cm, Chinese ink, acrylic, printing ink and oil stick on handmade paper
Melanie Jordan, Cut the Unbilical, 2022, Hand dyed fabric scraps, 32x20x8cm
Hannah Campion, Santa Monica Beach, 2022, paper and paint, 40x30x30cm

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