London , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Old Granary
Orchard Road
SG7 5AG Baldock
London , United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

ArtCan curators and artists Christine Manderla and Pernilla Iggstrom together with participating artists Ellen Zaks, Katherine Filice, KV Duong, Lesley Oldaker and Rachel Maggart welcome visitors to enter the “Fabrication of Self” space for reflection and interpretation of the theme, “Shapeshifters”.
Explore the transformation and evolution of self. Each larger-than-life panel challenges the viewers situational context. Hidden within are questions of freedom, entrapment, and suppression. How does societal expectation build the mirrors in which we reflect? How does this affect emotions, relationships, potential? Ultimately the larger question of what is the true self is discussed.
You are invited to enter the installation, activate it, and then become a part of the creative expression.

Christine Manderla,"It's over", oil, resin & handstittched cotton tread on burned canvas, 20x20cm, 2020
Ellen Zaks, 'Animus', oil and spray paint on organza, 200 x 100 cm
Lesley Oldaker, 'Father Identity unknown', Oil and gesso on layers of voile, 100x200cm
Kathrine Filice, "Fabrication of Self", 2020, Ink on organza, 200x100cm
KV Duong, ’Resurrection’ (work in progress), Acrylic on muslin, 200 x 100 cm
Pernilla Iggstrom, "Transition (Wherever I Lay My Hat), oil on organza, 57.5x45.5cm, 2019

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