Örebro, Sweden

art:screen is a screening event and platform that showcases new, compelling, innovative and contemporary moving image from Swedish and international artists. art:screen is, for many artists, the window for showing their work in Sweden and Europe.

art:screen shows single-channel screening programmes which have tempo and flow. To create this, the duration of works are at maximum five minutes long. The programmes explore new ways of seeing reality from a cultural, social and individual perspective and often employ humour to give new insights.

art:screen is co-operating with international video art festivals and art organizers where art:screen is invited to curate screening programmes. art:screen is also offering screening programmes to Swedish art institutions and art associations who wants to broaden their art activities, but doesn’t have access to, or possesses video works.

Stills from art:screen's screening programme at Athens Video Art Festival, Greece, 2011.
Stills from art:screen's programme at Beaconsfield, London, UK, 2011.
Stills from art:screen's screening programme at Valand School of Fine Art, Gothenburg, Sweden, 2011.
Stills from art:screen's screening programme at Göteborg International Film Festival, Sweden, 2011.
Stills from art:screen's program at Konstfrämjandet Bergslagen, touring exhibition in Örebro county, Sweden, 2011.
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