Art On Armitage

Chicago, Chicago, United States of America

ArtOnArmitage has been exhibiting contemporary art of all disciplines in a window gallery on a busy Chicago street since 2004. The goal is to make art available and accessible to all. Exhibits change monthly, and the gallery has featured artists from Iceland, Korea, UK and Germany as well as the US and locally. The space is especially suited to installation and performance.

International exchanges and residencies are encouraged. Visit us at

Mary Ellen Croteau, “My Eye”, assemblage of plastic bottle caps, 2011
Thordis Alda Sigurdardottir, '' My Mother's Skirts'', MDF,wool,textile,paper; 125 x 80 x 80 cm, 2012, photo: Stefán Th. Karlsson
Alan Emerson Hicks: "Chandelier Hat", plastic waste, 47 x 74 cm, 2012 (Photographer unknown)
Yonsenia White, "Self Portrait of Her Void", mixed media assemblage, 24 x 38 cm, 2009
Beth LeFauve, "Wide Asleep", found object/mm assemblage, 33 x 30 x 10 cm, 2012
Philip Hartigan, "Soldier Boy", stop motion animation with narration, 2 minutes. 2007
Sergio Gomez, "Vision", 46 x 28 cm, acrylic on paper, 2011
Jaqueline Moses, "Glacial Lagoon", acrylic and print on canvas, 46 x 61 cm, 2012
Fred Holland “Untitled”, Digital print, 91 x 55 cm, 2012