ART LAB Gnesta

Gnesta, Sweden

Art Lab is a center for experimental arts in Gnesta, Sweden.

Located in an old brewery from 1903 on the shore of Frösjön Lake, Art Lab is home to artist studios, workshop, exhibition hall, project room and international artist in residence program.

Our mission is to create a stimulating environment for contemporary art production, exhibitions, events and to engage our local and national audience.

Through the international AIR program, project room, housing and studios, Art Lab aims to support established and emerging artists in their research, development and project realisation.

Our expertise and workshop facilities are suited to sculptural and installation based works. We are also open to all kinds of creative media.

Art Lab intends to generate debate through exhibitions, artist talks and discussion groups. The exhibition program will include dialogue between the fields of art and related areas of social and cultural phenomena.

Art Lab Gnesta is 30mins from Stockholm by fast train.

Art Lab Gnesta is a not-for-profit cultural organisation

ART LAB Gnesta