Art Lab Gnesta

Gnesta, Gnesta, Sweden

Bryggargränd 4
646 31 Gnesta

Art Lab Gnesta is a space for experimental connections between art and society in the contemporary context. Since the first exhibition opening in October 2011, a series of exhibitions and community projects, a residency programme, and a magazine have been launched.

In October 2012, Art Lab Gnesta/Research was launched as an independent forum for artistic research.

Originating from the course Artistic Research Processes at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Art Lab Gnesta/Research aims to provide a complement to academic research, to cultivate dialogue and encourage artistic inquiry into uncharted domains and expressions.

At Supermarket 2013, Art Lab Gnesta Research will stage a series of dialogues on specific aspects of themes such as ritual, symmetry, identities and silence.

Art Lab Gnesta, the Brewery building (photo Erik Rören)
Arne Widman and Magnus Carlén, ”The Symmetry of Being”, exhibition in Katarina kyrka/Church of St. Catherine (Stockholm) 2012.
Ivar Sviestins, "Global Photo Project/extended study" (2012)
Ana Maria Almada de Alvarez, "JUKU", a ritual in performance (2012)
Lena Oja, ”A Talk on the Art of my Riding Horses”, ride and lecture project (2012) photo Helena Hildur W.
Sophia Rilby Tammi, "Growth study", clay (2012)
Antonie Frank, "WHITEWASH", video installation (2012) photo: Antonie Frank
Madeleine Aleman, ”A meal in Swedenborg's Summer House”, performance with spirits (2012) video still: Antonie Frank.
Auli Laitinen "In my Nature", contemporary jewellery project (2012) photo Auli Laitinen