Moving Art Initiative F.L.O.A.T.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Molukkenstraat 19 HS
1095 AR Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Moving Art initiative F.L.O.A.T. is artist's initiative who make exhibitions from place to place. The policy of F.L.O.A.T, is to enable underrepresented artists to share their works with the broad audience around Europe and beyond, shed light on valuable works (mostly in the field of visual arts) that stay outside the mainstream of art world, discover places, spaces and people in thirst for art and culture, and activate them through the art practice.

Person’s role, in all its complexities, is never sure or stable. Acting and manifesting itself in a certain way, it traces the relationships that individual has with his social and physical environment. Somewhere between the human’s outer and inner conditions opens a space of unfamiliarity, a place where we wonder.