Altán Klamovka Gallery

Prague 5, Czech Republic

park Klamovka
15000 Prague 5
Czech Republic
Prague 5, Czech Republic

Altán Klamovka, founded 2004, in a non-profit autonomous exhibition zone for Czech and Slovak visual artists. The curatorial focus is site-specific projects, drawing, installation, graphic design, performance and new media. The curatorial intent is based on the current topics in art, such as sustainability, calming of the mind, minimal lifestyles, a return to tradition and intergenerational dialogues. The gallery also presents and cooperates with foreign artists.Searching for lost worldsArtists: Jana Bernartová/CZE/, Petr Dub /CZE/, Darja Lukjanenko /UKR/ and Cameron Tauschke /AUS/Curator: Lenka Sýkorová /CZE/We see the twilight zone as the interface between day and night, but also as the interface between the physical and virtual worlds.

Darja Lukjanenko, The end of the world bread flag, embroidery, photography, 2022
Jana Bernartová, Cuisse de nymphe I., Liquid Crystals RGB series, installation, 2 pcs, 60 x 84, 5 cm, 2021
Petr Dub, DEUS VULT, Kaple Gallery, exhibition, mix media, 2022, photo: Studio Flusser
Cameron Tauschke, Rising Stars, 56 x 76cm, gouache on paper, 2011