Altán Klamovka Gallery

Prague 5, Czech Republic

park Klamovka
15000 Prague 5
Czech Republic
Prague 5, Czech Republic

The Altán Klamovka gallery aims to create an autonomous exhibition zone for visual artists. The uniqueness of the gallery, even though it has a small exhibition space, is that the curator with the artist can work collaborate inside the gallery and in the surroundings of the Klamovka park. Therefore the gallery is often used for site-specific projects. During its exhibition activities, Altán Klamovka has established itself in the field of international visual communication. The curatorial key is focused on site-specific projects, drawing, installation, graphic design, performance and new media.

The present can be defined as an uncertain, rapidly changing reality. We lead its experience in parallel both in the physical and virtual worlds. This opens up possibilities for us to break through local and global cooperation because thanks to the Internet we are omnipresent. We live in a time when the image is once again becoming the most readable carrier of information across cultures and continents. And our parallel digital identity brings a whole host of challenges to present ourselves and others. The present brings into the field of interest the aesthetics of dystopia, myths and the search for lost worlds. Self-identification is an increasingly complex process, and the search for new cultural patterns often leads us to the paths of alternative worlds that refer to the contemporary aesthetics of seemingly endless fantasy series, LARP culture or neo-romanticism in contemporary art.

Darja Lukjanenko, The end of the world bread flag, embroidery, photography, 2022
Jana Bernartová, Cuisse de nymphe I., Liquid Crystals RGB series, installation, 2 pcs, 60 x 84, 5 cm, 2021
Petr Dub, DEUS VULT, Kaple Gallery, exhibition, mix media, 2022, photo: Studio Flusser
Cameron Tauschke, Rising Stars, 56 x 76cm, gouache on paper, 2011