Altán Klamovka Galelry

Prague 5, Czech Republic

park Klamovka
15000 Prague 5
Czech Republic
Prague 5, Czech Republic

Like living in the clouds
artists: Karolina Lizurej /PL/, Jan Pfeiffer /CZ/, Hanna Råst /FIN/, Jasmin Schaitl /AUT/
curator: Lenka Sýkorová
The pandemic has given us space to calm down and slow down. We began to learn to live quietly, simply and in the present. To live with ease, like living on a cloud. Drawing as an intimate gesture, for many artists, has become the most direct medium for expressing inner experiences. By connecting the mind, eye and hand, we can capture not only the world around us but also within us. The drawing line, whether on paper or guided by matter in space, is still a strong visual gesture.

Hanna Rast - sketch for Supermarket
Jan Pfeiffer - sketch for Supermarket
Karolina Lizurej
Jasmin Schaitl - Reciprocity
Jan Pfeiffer - Antenna/Quarantine
sketch of curatorial concept