Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic

House no 12, Almansha Street, Alamine Quarter, Damascus, Old town
Maktab, Creative zone, Bab Musala St
pobox 14136 Damascus
Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic

AllArtNow is considered to be the first independent collective space in Syria for visual arts, multimedia, and contemporary arts. Founded in 2005, the initiative aims to create greater opportunities for emerging Syrian artists, and to develop contemporary arts practices in Syria by establishing exchanges and ‘open windows’ with other countries. A neglected house in the old city of Damascus served as AllArtNow’s laboratory for art: it was a hub for emerging artistic practice and a meeting point for local and international artists to exchange ideas and form collaborations. In July 2012, AllArtNow began to work in different places in the world as a nomadic space, enabling its premises to open as a home Syrian refugee families. AllArtNow has been selected to participate at many international events, and produced the first contemporary art festival in Damascus. To date, AllArtNow continues to successfully create opportunities for artists both in Syria and abroad.

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