Al-Mahatta Gallery

Ramallah, Palestine, State of

Ein Misbah
City center
00970 Ramallah
Ramallah, Palestine, State of

Al Mahattah Gallery The Al Mahatta Gallery is a not for profit, non governmental organisation, founded in 2008 by a group of young artists and art supporters as an independent voluntary youth initiative. The gallery is within a 650 m² empty car park in the centre of Ramallah City, Palestine. It was the first professional arts exhibition space in Ramallah City. The word Al-Mahatta means ‘the station’ in Arabic. The Gallery aspires to provide an international platform for Palestinian art and to enrich the art movement in Palestine. Aiming to positively contribute to the Palestinian art scene, Al Mahatta offers opportunities for both local and international artists to develop their skills and exchange experiences with each other through organizing international art residencies and art workshops. Participating artists gain the opportunity to engage with the local Palestinian audience by exhibiting their work in a contemporary and professional manner, and to host different public cultural events. The Gallery currently offers a permanent exhibition hall, a video room and workshops’ area; Watch a video here to watch an interview with Hafez Omar talk about how Al-Mahattah got started and how the gallery has used art to help build civil society in Palestine.

This year we would like to present 2 short art videos (looping), and several paintings.

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