AADK Centro Negra

Blanca, Spain

Calle del Castillo, 30
Anklamer str, 7 Berlin Germany
30540 Blanca Murcia
Blanca, Spain


AADK / Centro Negra – Space for Contemporary Creation and Investigation
From 2006 onwards a group of artists based in Berlin began to create various projects from diverse artistic disciplines, giving way to a platform for Aktuelle Architektur Der Kultur (AADK). As its core nucleus has expanded, it has now become an international platform for artist-curated projects. The artistic network AADK, based in Berlin, has merged with Centro Negra which is based in Blanca, Spain, and stands as a focal space for contemporary creation and investigation, with regional, national and international visibility in the field of contemporary art. The artistic network AADK regularly presents its works – exhibitions, performances, live installations, sound installations, concerts, video-art and literature - in over 25 cities across Europe and non-EU countries. At Supermarket 2014 AADK /Centro Negra will present ‘From Local to Global’ a book recompiling the works presented at Centro Negra during 2012/13, and the project FAKELess, a video installation by the artist Abraham Hurtado.

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