A.M.180 collective

Prague, Czech Republic

A.M.180 collective is an independent creative and promotional nonprofit organization based on DIY principles and punk ethics.

Since September 2003, A.M.180 has been running the same-titled multifunctional space in Prague, Czech Republic. Main mission: a platform for contact between the independent music scene and contemporary art scene. A.M.180 arranges exhibitions, live shows and performances, from October 2007 also has its own record label, AMDISCS Future reserved label, and since 2008 also form CREEPY TEEPEE festival - summer event for contemporary music and art in Kutná Hora . Dramaturgy is provided under Jakub Hošek (finalist of Jindrich Chalupecky art price 2005 and 2007), Anežka Hošková - both visual artists, and anthropologist Štepán Bolf. These people got together to secure their own space, for their friends and supporters, and all the people that are not satisfied with the contemporary art and mainstream music scene in the Czech Republic. Exhibitions in both rooms of the gallery space usually last for three weeks, which enables their fat interchange. The gallery does not have any financial resources and during the realisation they trade on DIY canon.

Jakub Hošek,"The Great Display of Teeth and Fur",cut painting acrylic on canvas collage,300x120cm,2011
Jakub Hošek,"Untitled",collage,2005
Anežka Hošková,"collages for Mňauk series",collage,2011
Anežka Hošková,"collages for Mňauk series",collage,2011
Nik Timková,"Le concours",collage,2011
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Anežka Hošková,BLKFLMNGO series,aquarelle collage,2011