Grafiska Sällskapet

Stockholm, Sweden

Hornsgatan 6
11820 Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedish Printmakers´ Association was founded in 1910 by a handful of artists with the intention, then as now, of furthering the interests of printmakers, arranging print exhibitions and distributing information about printmaking as an art form. The Association runs a gallery from which there is a vast network of contacts to other printmakers´ collective workshops and printmakers´ associations in Sweden and abroad.

During Supermarket is Jakob Leijonhielm and Eric Saline presenting an exhibition along the theme of ‘JAPAN FANS’. With the blazing colors of Risograph prints, from BABYMETAL to Japanese technical and material sensibility, these aesthetics, minimalist and maximalist at the same time, have left their indelible impressions on both artists. Come make a rubber stamp of their work for yourself!

"Eric", photo of Eric in front of some of his artworks, Fall 2018, Grafik i Väst Gallery, Goteborg
"Jakob riso prints", photo of Jakob's A4 riso prints from Supermarket 2017, Stockholm